Opening Loss Ponderings

Now that’s the way to get the historical facts right, Vaughn McClure.? As McClure explains, the Bears also had an ominous start to a season in 2002, when players like Ted Washington, Phillip Daniels, R.W. McQuarters and Warrick Holdman went down early.? All but Washington did return that season, but the team still finished 4-12.

David Haugh writes that the Bears defense will still be dominant, and I hope he’s right.

Brad Biggs of the Sun-Times paints a slightly less optimistic picture on the injuries.

Mike Mulligan opines that we can forget about the Bears’ lack of a running game in the preseason and the opener, until Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson decide to hold onto the ball.

There were also articles about Lance Briggs and the crash, and more Urlacher parenting issues, but we’re not discussing those anymore.

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