One Failed Pick on Another

Nice work again, Brad Biggs. Today Biggs gives us Michael Haynes’ take on Cedric Benson. Haynes, the 14th overall pick of the 2003 NFL draft by the Bears, spent one full season and another preseason with Benson on the Bears’ roster.

His take? Benson got the money, was lazy, and didn’t care. Never thought he’d change, and he didn’t. Nice article. Have to hand it to Haynes, he’s the best failed first rounder the Bears have had in recent years. Worked hard, great character, just wasn’t good enough for the NFL, apparently. Contrast that to Benson, who may possess the talent to be a solid NFL running back. But we’ll never know, because in my opinion he just doesn’t care. He got paid, so why work hard?

The only shame is remembering that the Bears traded out of the 13th spot of that draft with New England, dropping down one spot in exchange for a sixth-round pick. The Patriots took defensive tackle Ty Warren, who has been a solid starter his entire career.

You win some, you lose some. Obviously the Bears lost out entirely with Haynes and Benson.

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