Olsen Gone, Williams in the Fold

This being a less-than-part-time gig for me, no surprise that minutes after my Thursday night post, it was announced that the Bears had traded tight end Greg Olsen.

I understand some of the angst out there of the Bears giving away the most talented tight end they have had since Mike Ditka for a third-round pick.  (Remember the Bears’ dearth of talent at the position until Dez Clark’s arrival in 2003-Olsen was undoubtedly the most talented Bear TE since Ditka).

The fact of the matter is, the Bears decided that putting their resources behind Mike Martz’ offense was a better path to victory then bending the system to accommodate Olsen and his receiving-over-blocking skillset.  The argument that the Bears screwed up here can certainly be made.  But the fact of the matter is, it “is what it is.”  I’m actually shocked the Bears were able to get a third-round draft pick for Olsen.

At least fans should be happy that after Olsen’s departure, the Bears indeed signed big-target wide receiver Roy Williams.  Now if only he plays like the Detroit Williams and not the player for whom Dallas gave up a king’s ransom.  The Lions actually fleeced another team in that one!

2 Responses to “Olsen Gone, Williams in the Fold”

  1. Olsen reminds me a lot of Curtis Conway. Good receiver. Can make some nice plays for you. However, when it came down to making tough catches, forget it. It’s simply not happening. That’s not saying he can’t be useful. He just wasn’t going to be used properly in Mike Martz’s offense.

    Not a huge fan of Roy Williams. If he comes here trying to prove himself, and is hell, 75% the player he was in DET, it can’t be a bad thing. I was mocking him this morning with my first down pointing…

  2. If Olsen would have been traded before last season (it almost happened), I would have thought nothing of it. However, he improved his blocking quite a bit last season and I’m concerned he is going to be added soon to the list of ex-Bears who flourished elsewhere. On the other hand, Kellen Davis has the potential to be a good player. Would not surprise me at all if Davis is the starting TE in Week 1.

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