Olin Kreutz Epilogue

There is no good epilogue, I just think it’s a shame that it had to come to this.  The best way to have resolved the impasse would have been to sign Kreutz to a one-year contract while they groomed his replacement, allowing for a more graceful exit for this legendary Bear.  But is was not to be.

Both the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune have interesting pieces today on how terrible the negotiations went.  Maybe the line won’t miss a beat, but Kreutz’ colleagues will miss him and his leadership.  We can only hope for the best.

3 Responses to “Olin Kreutz Epilogue”

  1. After the 2009 season, I was surprised the Bears kept him.


  2. Players are expected to show complete loyalty to their team. However they in return get discarded like pieces of trash. It’s an absolute shame how Kreutz was treated.

  3. I completely disagree. He was offered $4m for a year and he wanted $4.5. Just as in the player’s strike, these guys negotiate on principle and comparative salaries and not on practicalities. Think about this, he was offered a 1 year deal and at his age, it was probably a fair offer.

    I am not saying we should not regard his contribution at the position and his role with the team over the years. He has been a fine center. However, this is a business and it is about performance and price. We need a strong C and while Olin might have a couple more seasons in him, the Bears have a lot of other vacancies to fill.

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