No Quick Fixes for Bears

Today in the Sun Times, Mike Mulligan writes that there are no players on the Bears’ roster that could be traded to bring in picks to start rebuilding the team.

I don’t think this is anything new; it’s pretty obvious.  Trades like this that happen in baseball just don’t happen in football, anyway.  Except for what the Bears gave up to get Jay Cutler.   The Bears always seem to be the exception to everything.

Mulligan’s article states that Devin Hester would probably only bring a third-rounder in return, and that Brian Urlacher could not be traded due to his contract.  That reminded me, earlier in the week on WSCR Hub Arkush stated that Urlacher would probably bring a second-round pick in a trade.  I didn’t believe him and Mulligan seems to back that up.

So nothing new here.  The fact of the matter to me is the mess Jerry Angelo has his team in due to brilliant drafts like 2007 when much of the top of the draft was wasted has left the Bears in a hole from which it will take years to recover.

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  1. Consider this reply an e-vomit. BLAAAAAAGRRHHGH!!

    Stupid Bears.

  2. Honestly, and I’m not saying this because of how things have turned out up to this point, but I was never big on the idea of Hester being made a full time receiver. I was all for him being used out of the slot or even in the backfield as a decoy, but not in a permanent manner. I think his calling was and IS kickoff and punt returns. But the Bears don’t want to hear that. They’ll tell you about the “progress” he’s making as the No. 1 receiver…

  3. I agree with everything except your last statement. If the Bears spend the off season adding value to their offensive line and wide reciever corps they can be a playoff team next year. Protect Cutler and score a boatload of points and the Bears will be able to squeek out 10 wins. I know this goes against the traditional mold the Bears try to strive for but I say build the offense first and let the defense catch up with them in 3 or 4 years.

    I know it sounds crazy but I believe it would work.

  4. I agree with focusing everything on the O line. Yet with the position the team is in, regarding upcoming drafts and low trade value, even that is no one year fix. Here we go again, Bears fans … Anyway, for the first time in weeks I look forward the Bears game today. I do enjoy watching a win.

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