No Moral Victories

I thought it was prophetic, the proverbial passing of the torch, as my Cubs fell out of first place in losing to the last-place Pirates on NFL opening day, so I wouldn’t have any distractions in September and October.

Then, despite an amazing performance by their defense, the Bears lost 14-3 to the Chargers.? Tommie Harris, despite the commentator’s contention that he was clearly offsides, single-handedly forced a fumble that bailed the Bears out of a first-and-goal inside their five.? Harris had another huge play, the defense had three sacks, and they held all-world running back Ladanian Tomlinson to 27 yards on 14 carries.? Unbelievable!? Especially after the national media having him rushing for at least 400 yards.? (And of course New Orleans winning five Super Bowl titles in 2007 alone).?

So it pains me to see the loss.? I can’t believe how concerned I was when the Bears were down just 7-3 with 10 minutes left in the fourth, not a bad margin.? But as we all saw, our running game fumbled twice, as well as Grossman throwing an interception and special teams breaking down on a punted ball off the back of Brendan McGowan.

Most troubling is the apparent loss of Mike Brown for the season, again.? As you’ll see when you read that thread, Brown broke down when addressing the media about the injury, which was initially called a knee “sprain”.? The moment I saw it, I remembered that the team always initally calls blown ACL’s sprains when they first happen.? I just this moment saw Brown’s breakdown, so as we will officially learn tomorrow, Brown will be done for the year.

I love Mike Brown.? After his interception today, I commented how thankful I was to have him back, but also questioned for how long he would be back.? Looks like that’s the last interception for Mike Brown as a Bear, the leading defensive touchdown scorer in Chicago Bears History.? I didn’t believe you would make the whole year, but I certainly didn’t expect in a million years your season would end today, before you even played a whole game.? I haven’t yet seen the play, but if it was a dirty cheap-shot as described, that’s a freakin shame.

So I’m disgusted about Brown’s loss, and the Bears’ loss, yes.? But what makes me truly neausous is what I’m going to see in the national media over the next seven days.? Of course you all know that Green Bay, Minnesota and Detroit all won today.? So until next Sunday, we’re going to hear about how after just one week of the 2007 season, the torch has passed, and the [Packers, Lions, Vikings] are head-and-shoulders over the Bears and each of them are winning Super Bowl 42.

Remember, the Bears played the CHARGERS, and the Vikings and Lions played two of the worst teams in the NFL in 2006.? Green Bay beat a 2006 playoff team, but by a thread, at home.? It’s a long season, I’m disappointed, and a bit depressed over the loss of one of my favorite players in Bears history, but I have a feeling we will rebound.? As I’m sure the national media will not agree.

I heard some guys (don’t know why they were notable, other than longtime local media guy Steve Kashul) on CLTV’s Sportspage complaining with indignancy about the Bears trading Thomas Jones.? “How could they have traded Thomas Jones!? Oh, the humanity, how stupid could they be?”? Guys, I assume you get paid to be in the media and know what’s going on.? The reason Thomas Jones is not on the 2007 Bears is because Jerry Angelo promised him prior to the 2006 season that if he came in and performed last year without a new contract, Angelo would do whatever he could in 2007 to take care of him.? The fact of the matter is when Benson was given a $30+ million contract with $18 million guaranteed in 2005, he was going to be the guy.? End of story.? Hey, I didn’t want the Bears to draft Benson in 2005, and I wish Thomas Jones was still here.? But nothing I or anyone can say now will change that mistake.

But the wagon is hitched to Cedric, Bear fans, like it or not.? Media, stop complianing about why Jones was traded, it’s done.? I don’t like it any more than you do but at least know why it happened, which is public knowledge.?

And remember, it’s week one of a long season.? The Bears shut down an amazing offense, and their offense played poorly against an amazing defense, as a lot of teams will this year.? No one’s convincing me that Green Bay, Detroit or Minnesota are winning the NFC North in 2007.? But it will be fun to hear them and snicker.

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  1. I just found your site, Roy, and I must say “Why didn’t I think of that?” Very impressive, unlike our running game against the Chargers. I agree with 99.9999999% of everything you say. I’ve been a fan since age 8 like you and suffered through even more (since I’m older). Steve Fuller almost gave me a heart attack. What a terrible heartbreak losing Mike Brown again. And Dvoracek! My cat and I have both endured ACL surgery, mine was in July of ’84 and it still hurt as I watched the greatest season ever unfold! At least Miami can’t be the one to stump the perfect year again. I’ll be back, like Arnold.


  2. Steve Fuller almost gave you a heart attack? I think watching his quarterbacking was like valium compared to watching Henry Burris, Jonathan Quinn, P.T. Willis, etc. etc. :). Thanks for visiting and posting! Make sure to come back.

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