No Big Splashes…

Today, Pro Football Talk writes that the Carolina Panthers are fed up with Steve Smith’s antics in wake of his punching teammate Ken Lucas in practice. Incidentally, Smith has been suspended two games and now will likely miss his team’s meeting with the Bears.

The website mentions that if Carolina decides to trade Smith, the Bears would be one of the teams that logically should be interested.

Of course this site writes what they want to write without any concrete information, so when you read this, remember, there is nothing to this.

My argument with any rumor such as this is that the Bears should make some sort of splash like this at some point. But they won’t. Since 1987, the Bear organization’s policy on building the roster has been “slow and steady by our plan wins the race….never foresake our plan to win the race.” So far, they haven’t won the race.

On this matter, my opinion would be, and always has been, why bring in a top-flight wide receiver when it has been roughly 58 years since they’ve had a franchise quarterback. Same reason I didn’t think they should invest $42 million in Bernard Berrian.

However, it will be comical in the coming days to hear the braintrust tell the fans how they like Brandon Lloyd, Marty Booker, Rashied Davis and Mark Bradley so much that they don’t need to consider the likes of Steve Smith. That’s where it does indeed get hilarious.

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