NFL Captain Patches

I can’t have been the only one wondering last night what the patches were that were worn by Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and others.  I figured they were captain’s patches, and they were.  This season, every team but one (the Raiders) will be showing this patch on their captain’s uniforms.

I agree with Paul Lucas and think they’re pretty dumb and distracting.  Hopefully he’s right in his prediction that they’ll be gone before next season.

2007 Chicago Bears captains are here.

Lucas also mentions in his article that 19 of the 32 teams now wear black shoes.  In 1999, Tampa was the only team doing so.  And Tampa was inspired by the 1995-1997 Indianapolis Colts, who were inspired by the 1990-1992 Chicago Bears, the first modern team to have the balls to bring back this bold look under Mike Ditka.  Is there anything Mike Ditka can’t do?

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  1. Can you tell us who the captains are on the bears for the year 2009 through 2010

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