NFC Champs Rings Don’t Fit All?

I love these stories when they surface.? I always publicly declared that my dream job would have been to work for the Bears.? Sent my resume back in 1994 and kept my three rejection letters (why three?), tried to get my name in as a PR intern in the early part of this decade, etc.? But the more I hear of it, working for them would be far from a dream.? It was reported in the local papers one year in the 1990′s that the organization handed out windbreakers to employees as their Christmas bonuses.

So it’s no surprise that David Haugh reports that dissention is rising among staffers over some employees being given miniature versions of the team’s NFC Championship ring.? Read the article for details.

In the organization’s defense, I completely understand why every single employee didn’t get a full-sized ring, even though other teams such as the 2005 Sox rewarded everyone with the same.? But snubbing key personnel and football operations executives?? That doesn’t seem right.

Yes, there is some ancillary Tank Johnson news today, but we’re not talking about him anymore.

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