Nathan Vasher: Done with Bears?

On Thanksgiving Day it was announced that cornerback Nathan Vasher has re-injured the thumb that had previously been repaired, putting him out “indefinitely” according to Chicago Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith.  The media is speculating that Vasher is done for the season, although Smith won’t admit it.

The real question should be, is Vasher done for good with the Bears?  Injuries aside, Vasher had been seemingly falling out of favor with the Bears’ coaching staff in 2008.  Given this, in 2009 he would be entering the third year of a five year, $28 million contract in Chicago.

I’d really like to know what exactly happened to cause Vasher’s demise over the past two season.  In 2004, Vasher was a pleasant surprise as a fourth-round pick out of Texas, leading the team in interceptions as a rookie.  In 2005 he made the Pro Bowl, becoming what looked like the best corner the Bears have seen play for them in years.

The following season, Vasher’s interception totals fell, but he was still a solid corner playing opposite Charles Tillman.  Prior to the 2007 season, it looked like the Bears made an extremely shrewd move, signing him to a reasonable (reasonable?) $28 million when Nate Clements inked a $70 million deal in San Francisco.

Now it’s looking like Vasher will probably be cast aside, replaced by the more affordable Corey Graham so his remaining salary could be spent to shore up some other hole on the Bears.

Now I see why the Bears dumped Mark Bradley for little-known cornerback Marcus Hamilton.

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  1. So are we spending too much money on defense? And why is it that we seem to let go of so many solid players on offense? T. Jones, Berrian, even Cedric Benson. Forte is doing great things, but, how often can we dig out these diamonds in the rough? Can’t we afford a decent offense? Orton, okay, but can he be mobile? Does he really have a long ball? Can I do anything but ask questions?

  2. Hey readers, I have been a bear fan since 1982 when I was five. I love the Bears, We need a quarterback BAD someone to stretch the field and we need wide-outs like Bernard Berrien who we choose not to pay. Even mark Bradley is making great contributions to Kansas city. Thomas Jones enough said there! Yes it hurts my heart to say this but the defensive coordinator needs to be fired or the defense is getting to old. People say that we need quarterback to manage the game; no we need one to win the game. Kyle Orten can not throw the ball past 25 or 30 accurately. Lets be honest he is not the answer. Yes we finally got someone in the back field to carry the load but, we don’t have the break out receivers. Devin is not a receiver he is a play maker nothing more. The bears have given Devin the mindset that he is a receiver that’s why he hasn’t returned a kickoff this year. He is returning the ball like a receiver instead of just hitting the hole and running like a bat out of hell like a playmaker the same way he did the previous two seasons

  3. Nathan is a good DB injuries happen vasher will bounce back next season. If you haven’t noticed every one the bears release they become very productive for the ext employer.

  4. Unlike Cory (above) we’ve been going to Bears games since 1952 at Wrigley. The names change, but it’s the same music year after year. Quarterbacks…! That insanity goes all the way back to Halas when he dumped George Blanda (who replaced legendary Johnny Lujack). I used to love to watch his heroics tossing 60 and 70 yard bombs to Willie Gallimore and Harlan Hill – and saving the bacon after Eddie Brown or Zeke Bradkowski couldn’t get it done. And, defense??? Why don’t we start talking about the coaching FIRST. Seems like the word “coaching” (to the Bears staff) means anything but coaching! And, what in the heck is it that Lovie is always looking at, when the camera is on him? Is he really watching replays on the giant TV monitors? Bet some of his players would like to see a little emotion now and then – good or bad! Oh yea, we all admire Tony Dungy’s style – but he’s in a league by himself. Lovie’s purely second string. Then there’s Mr. Turner in the booth calling the plays. He and his brother are showing their shortcomings this year, in my humble opinion. Then, we hear so much about the “intelligence” of QBs today. Well, why not give them the ball? Worked for decades for Unitas, YA Tittle, Norm Van Brocklin, etc… But then Landry had to shuttle plays in from the sidelines with alternating QBs – as if Roger Saubach and Craig Morton really needed them. Sorry for rambling…
    Fire the whole lot and start fresh, I say – with new owners (preferably). And, does anyone know of somebody as good as Jim Finks for player evaluation and selection???

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