Mullen: Bears Leaders for Mario Williams

John Mullin of has been busy banging out reports this afternoon, and in his most recent update, he states that per NFL sources the Bears are the leaders in the to sign Texans DE Mario Williams. Wow.

Usually NFL teams can’t devote two monster contracts to one position. The Bears are already guaranteeing Julius Peppers $40 million at the other defensive end position. Signing Williams, if they’re not out-bid by other teams, would be almost unprecedented.

Throughout today it has been reported that the team landing Chargers WR Vincent Jackson will be paying upwards of $14 million. For that money, as crazy as it sounds to devote so much cap space to one position, I’d much rather see the Bears get Williams and then sign a second-tier wide receiver. Then draft another.

One drawback that immediately comes to mind if the Bears do pull a fast one and land Williams. Lance Briggs will be that much more PO’ed.

Going to be interesting tomorrow after 3 p.m. Central.

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  1. Still need a big-time WR, got to help Jay out.

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