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The Bears are on the front page of sports sections in June?  I love that.  Some of today’s stories:

Tony Dungy is joining the list of analysts that say the Bears took a huge gamble by acquiring Jay Cutler.  I say hooey.  And it wasn’t a huge gamble to NOT have a franchise quarterback for 58 years?

You may have heard that a fan e-mailed a Chicago Tribune columnist to complain that Cutler wouldn’t sign autographs at Wrigley Field.  The report is fanning the flames of the storyline that Cutler is a jerk, and this is going to taint his stay in Chicago.  My take?  If I saw Jay Cutler, any Bear, celebrity, politician, anyone, I’d say hi and keep walking.  If a guy doesn’t want to get mobbed by slack-jawed yokels on his way out of Wrigley, so be it.  Granted, if there are stories about him being a jerk to kids, that’s a different matter.  But that’s not the story.  I just hope he plays quarterback well.  That’s his job, not signing autographs or being a great guy.  If Cade McNown would have been the second Jim McMahon as some touted he would be, people would have ignored the fact that he was an ass.

Dear Lord, Matt Forte got dinged in non-contact practice.  It seems to be minor, keep your fingers crossed.

Brad Biggs says Bears players would love it if Plaxico Burris became a Bear.  If it happens, I say at least the only (or most recent) felony he committed was against his own thigh and not anyone else.  Some may recall that in the 2000 draft, Mark Hatley attempted to trade up and acquire Burris instead of Brian Urlacher.  Philadelphia turned down Hatley’s offer of a third-round pick, and the Eagles drafted Corey Simon, the Steelers took Burris, and the Bears took Urlacher.  I was always exceedingly grateful that didn’t work out.

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  1. I agree with you about Cutler. Autograph seekers are garbage. Unless you are a 10 year old kid or younger, you should not bother celebrities. End of story.

  2. Tony Dungy seems like a nice guy but he’s just trying to draw attention with his new NBC gig. He can bite it.

    Yup who cares how he treats old guys looking to sell an autograph on eBay? Cripes.

    Yeah losing Forte would really put a wrench in things, hopefully he’s ok.

    Plax is a little lazy and sometimes doesn’t follow rules but I think he’s at the point in his career where he wants to turn things around. Des Clark says he’s a good guy, the Bears are all saying good things about him…let’s give him a shot. I wouldn’t blame Angelo for signing him one bit…just keep him on a short leash.

  3. If you read the entire article, Dungy is fine with Vick but has issues with Cutler. In my world, that draws questions about his credability.

  4. Good point Bruce. Pretty crazy huh?

  5. dallas bears fan on June 4th, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    If Cutler leads the bears to Super Bowl victories, all is forgiven. If he is Cade McNown, well……

  6. I don’t even understand the debate about Cutler’s maturity level to begin with. The guy plays with passion (he’s animated on the field) and wants to win? Since when was that a bad thing? Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers seems to match Cutler in terms of personality yet nobody makes a big stink about his “maturity level”

  7. It also seems that everyone is siding with the Broncos owner and Josh McDaniels on this one. Cutler’s version of what happened and the Broncos were two different stories. I have to believe Cutler’s side. First off I have to believe it because I am a Bears fan and secondly I have to believe it because the Broncos keep talking about it where as Jay has shut up and moved on. He knows that he wasn’t the one in the wrong and is moving on with his new team.

  8. To all Bears Fans,

    For the first 3 yrs. in Denver, I can only remember one instance when a reported asked him to compare his “arm strength” to John Elways….He claimed it was stronger…which it probably is, but then the media just tore him up setting the fan base in a frizzy. He then had to explain that he didn’t say that he was a better QB than John, just that his arm was stronger, his analogy, “just because you can hit the ball further than Tiger Woods, doesn’t make you a better golfer”..Before anybody wants to make a snap decision about his character…Just wait and see what he does in the community..You’ll be impressed at how generous a 25 yr. old kid can be.

  9. Wow! Something positive to be said about Cutler? Thanks George! We needed this with all the negativity going around. Or is it jealousy?

  10. Ron, It’s definatley jealousy!!!I’d gladly trade you guys our EGO-MANIAC of a coach for Jay back…although I don’t know what you guys would do with him but I know what I’d like to do with him!!
    You guys have fun and enjoy…he’s a once in a lifetime…IMO!

  11. Glad to hear that George. I do feel bad for the Bronco fans I know. Kyle will move you down the field every now and then, and won’t throw a lot of picks, but God help you when he tries to throw a bomb once or twice a game. Then again, this is what McDaniels wanted rather than Cutler, right?

  12. news is that grossman is competing for the texans 2nd or 3rd string qb. is expected to sign one year deal. oh yea, bears fans will miss him tons


  14. ROBERT HICKS: YOU FORGOT TO…oh wait CAPS LOCK was on, sorry about that….you forgot to mention that the Football General you speak of LOVES to stare down his receivers…AND enjoys growing atrocious neck beards. He’s not horrible, but I wouldn’t expect him to lead his team to National Promise, whatever that may be. ;)

  15. “We’re a running football team,” Smith said. “We’re going to pound the ball quite a bit. That’s why it’s important for Kevin. It’s also important for [third-stringer] Garrett Wolfe. Garrett has had a good offseason too. … You need at least two and then maybe even three [running backs].” ….an excerpt off of the Bears home site. Does this sound to anyone else like Adrian Peterson won’t be making the team this year?

  16. Higgins I was thinking the same thing. I thought Lovie loved AP. Didn’t he once say that as long as he had a job coaching, AP would have a job playing football? I love AP – I think he is a great special teamer and a decent back-up running back. He runs hard when he gets his chances, and let’s face it, he hasn’t had much of a line to run behind the last few years. I really hope he still makes the team this year.

  17. I think that when Wolfe decided to be a special team contributer last year, it all but sealed the deal on the other AP. I mean the only reason he was on the team is because he could be a backup rb and special teams contributer. Now that Wolfe has taken over both of those roles, and is more explosive, I just see that extra spot being used to add depth somewhere else.

  18. That’s too bad. I like AP. I like Wolfe though, too. I hope he gets some more touches on offense this year – and not trying to run him up the middle like they did last year. I’d like to see them use him more like they did in the pre-season – screen passes, wheel routes out of the backfield, etc. He can be real elusive in the open field.

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