More on Blowing Final Chance…

The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get about the loss to the Giants. Granted, I had already written off the 2007 Chicago Bears before December 2nd. But it’s still sinking in that with a logjam of teams at 6-6, the Bears actually would have been in pretty good position, still amazingly in the hunt, had they beaten New York.

But then I have to keep in mind that the Bears have a horrible conference and division record, and a team like this with its inability to run or stop the run, would get smashed in the wildcard round anyway.

Today’s news:

Deion Sanders says the Bears should develop more gadget plays for Devin Hester. Um, Deion, when your #1 through #3 running backs can’t run the ball, gadgets aren’t going to do anything to really work.

On the running game, Brad Biggs explains how the lack of any consistent run game contributed to last Sunday’s loss.

Mike Mulligan reflects on the Lance Briggs trade that wasn’t. Yes, it’s easy to look back and think the Bears could have pulled off this trade and drafted Adrian Peterson, but no way that would have happened (as Mulligan points out). The Bears only draft terrible running backs with top-10 picks. As can probably be searched on this blog, I was all for letting Briggs sit so he’d be here for another run at the Super Bowl in 2007. Excuse me again while I go vomit.

Speaking of Briggs, here’s a thread from my favorite Bears message board walking through what happened with’s false report that Briggs had indeed re-signed. I love that site-but this is an example of how they do sometimes blow it. Taken for what it is, it’s still a great site.

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  1. i agree about the gadget not working, what if we just put Hester at H-back?

  2. Ha. How about kicker, guard or tackle while we’re at it?

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