More Articles Point to Ruskell

Sorry to say it Bears fans, but the scary news on the GM front continues to build, if you believe longtime writers such as John Mullin (which I do). Mullin’s recent article goes a little deeper into why it looks like Tim Ruskell may end up being the Bears’ organization’s choice to succeed (the ultimately unsuccessful) Jerry Angelo as GM.

I did a tiny bit of research on Ruskell’s record. Of course the Bears’ website/propaganda machine touts the fact that Ruskell’s teams have gone to the Super Bowl twice (Tampa and Seattle) and appeared in NFC Championship games three times. (The website also still lists that Angelo is the GM).

Looks like Ruskell took over in a personnel executive role in Tampa in 1992. The Bucs started hitting on draft picks in 1995, but they also blew some pretty notable picks from ’92-’94 and again later in that decade when they continually took Florida wide receivers high (Riddell Anthony, Jacquez Green).

Ruskell was hired as GM in Seattle in 2005. Looking at the Seahawks’ draft record from 2005-2009, after which Ruskell was “forced to resign”, is not encouraging.

When you have to draft a center in the top two rounds within four years (Chris Spencer, then Max Unger), that’s not good. Where in the NFL are top picks Kelly Jennings, Darryl Tapp, Josh Wilson, Baraka Atkins, Lawrence Atkins? We all know that in 2009 Ruskell took linebacker Aaron Curry with the fourth overall pick, and Curry was traded to Oakland for a song during the season this year. Taking a look at the 2009 draft there were plenty of other misses very high in the first round, but the Curry pick was certainly a miss.

The draft is hit or miss for every personnel executive, not a single expert in the NFL hasn’t blown some picks, including the Packers’ brain trust. But Ruskell’s record in Seattle as GM was not encouraging.

I believe that the firing of Angelo, the firing of Ron Turner’s offensive staff following the 2009 season, the firing of Dick Jauron, were made partially to assuage the fan base’s disgust with the Bears organization. So how would promoting a failed GM in Ruskell to be the Bears’ new GM inspire confidence?

The only light at the end of the tunnel with this move would be the fact that Ruskell and Lovie Smith would be on the same timeframe with their contracts up following the 2013 season. So if Ruskell is promoted, it had better NOT be with additional years added on. And it had better be framed by Phillips as a situation where performance is expected or everyone is out the door following the 2012 season.

If not, then justifiably we as fans should be disgusted as we never have been before with the power structure in Lake Forest.

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  1. Mullin also said there was no doubt at all that Jerry Angelo would remain GM. He was wrong on that. I know it doesnt mean he’s wrong on this, but you see how any columnist can be wrong with their “sources” and predictions.

  2. No!Please God, NO! How about just once picking someone with a GOOD track record!

  3. Scott, agreed, I watched Mullin say that myself. I certainly hope this is just a tired, overblown media angle. But this is what they’re saying, and to me it would be madness.

  4. This whole Ruskell development makes things much less exciting and much more scary.

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