Monday at Camp

Apparently not much of note happened at camp Monday, which is good, generally speaking. But Kyle Orton got picked off a lot. Great.

Ahh, the Raiders. They signed Adam Archuleta. Good luck to them on that.

For all of you that loved the performance of Caleb Hanie, you know, you’re the same person that thought Ken Mastrole and Corey Sauter were destined for greatness–David Haugh brings you back down to Earth.

Yesterday Muhsin Muhammad told the national media that “Chicago is where receivers go to die.” Can’t argue with him too much, but Bernard Berrian is alive and $42 million richer, right?

One Response to “Monday at Camp”

  1. LOL @ Moose. Look at who that comment is coming from, a player who had an epic downfall of his own. He dropped more passes than the rest of the receiving core combined, and was the first one to throw his QB, or o-line under the bus. I for one was ecstatic to see him cut, didn’t want him in the first place. Good riddance to an over-hyped piece of garbage, and have fun in the basement of the NFC South. As far as the QB situation goes, I am anxious to see if we can get the O-line shored up and get these guys some time in the pocket.

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