Mike Martz Could Have Been…

I found it interesting that at least in the first day or two after Mike Martz’ hiring as the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator, I didn’t see any of the local writers remember that Dave McGinnis intended to hire Martz as his OC at that time.

But we all remember what happened with the 1999 Chicago Bears, when Michael McCaskey announced that McGinnis was hired before the coach had settled on contract terms.  The Bears hired Dick Jauron, Martz was hired as the Rams’ OC, and St. Louis won its first Super Bowl that very year.

Dan McNeil of WSCR discussed the events of that time with McGinnis on Wednesday, and you can listen to that interesting interview right here.  McGinnis also says that he was planning to hire Les Frazier (’85 Bear and current Vikings defensive coordinator) and Mike Singletary on that same staff.

Fun to think about, anyway.

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  1. Chicago could have had Mike Martz and Kurt Warner in the late 90′s?

    I think I am going to be sick…

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