Melton Was, And Is, a Hit

Henry MeltonI liked the article Mike “Mully” Mulligan wrote for yesterday’s Chicago Tribune, in which he pointed out that Devin Hester is the only remaining Bear from Jerry Angelo’s 2004-2007 draft classes. Pretty abysmal. The firing of Angelo in January 2012 was so fast I didn’t know if it was thought-out or if it would result in hiring a better replacement, but for that reason alone it now looks like a great move. Even though time will have to tell whether Phil Emery is successful.

What does seem certain at this point is that three-technique tackle Henry Melton is a keeper, so much so that according to today’s Trib the Bears have contacted his agent about a long-term extension that will certainly be lucrative.

Over the Summer, I did identify Melton as one of Angelo’s best draft picks in his 10 years of running the show in Chicago. If he continues to play as he has, I’ll be embarrassed to say I only listed him as an honorable mention.

2 Responses to “Melton Was, And Is, a Hit”

  1. He has had a great start to this season. Hopefully he & Paea can become a solid tandem @ DT.

  2. You’d be accurate to list him as honorable mention to this point, he showed some flashed but hasn’t been consistent until this year, the guy is just a pleasure to watch!

    Oh and Johnny Knox was in that draft too. He’s not a roster guy since he’s on the PUP list or IR or whatever, but he’s still here.

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