McCaskeys should learn from Steelers

Good Super Bowl.  The team I was hoping would win didn’t win, but it was a heck of a game.  And because it didn’t involve the Bears, I really don’t care either way.

Today Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times writes that the McCaskey family could take a lesson from the Rooney family of the Steelers how to build a winning team.  Can’t argue with that.

Also in the Sun-Times, Brad Biggs writes that the Bears urgently need a top-flight wide receiver. Then before I could write my standard response, he does mention the Bears’ woeful history with drafting busts at the position. So unfortunately, I don’t see a way out of the wide receiver quagmire in 2009.

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  1. They should learn but they won’t.

  2. I think we are really going to kick some a** next year. I believe. It doesn’t hurt that we have the easiest schedule you could ask for next year. We always get to play the Lions twice, which helps, the AFC division we are facing does have the Steelers and the Ravens, but it also has the Bengals and the Browns, and the other NFC division we face is the worst in all of the NFL. Despite what the overated Cardinals acheived, they happened to get hot at the right time, but were not one of the two best teams in the league last year.

  3. Hayes’ story is right on point and is a direct contrast to competing local writer that but together a completely off-target fluff piece a week or so ago praising the McCaskeys as the NFL standard model of excellence. Great to see him calling the dysfunctional McCaskey organizational team out.

    Haven’t even looked at the schedule for next year yet. But I heard Chris Mortensen say this morning that the Titans want to re-sign Simms, and he did not even mention Leftwich as being a potential fit here, while the local media has been talking those two up for weeks as one of them being the most logical fits to bring in. Basanez signing is fine – to battle against Haynie, but that’s it. More competition for Orton absolutely needs to be brought in, otherwise that sends a message that status quo is fine at QB and they are satisfied with what they’ve seen, and that would be unacceptable. I’ve also read in the last week that no matter whoever would be brought in as competition, Orton would be “really hard to beat out”, which I think makes no sense. That line of thinking before anyone even hits the practice field would ensure mediocrity will continue to reign.

  4. would be nice to see the bears go after a TJ whosyourmomma from the bengals. alittle upgrade to the offense couldn’t hurt. do you really think that hester is #1 wide out material? lets see if the bears owners will fork over some money and try to have a winning team or just go out and be the same old bears. with the nfc north the way it is, we should be dominating year in and year out. its sad.

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