Martz Headed West? If So, When?

Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic today is reporting that Mike Martz “has interest” in the now vacant head coaching position at Arizona State. Martz had previously served as an assistant coach at the school in the early 1990′s.

It is well known that Martz turned down the offer of a contract extension from the Bears prior to the 2011 season, so he will be free to go anywhere following this campaign. I’m staying out of the rash of negative comments that have been posted by fans about Martz. I don’t know if Martz is the right long-term fit for the Bears or not. But it is always a disruptive occurrence to lose your offensive coordinator so your players have to learn a new system.

My only question is if Martz does depart, when will he leave? We all remember that in 2000, when then Bears offensive coordinator Gary Crowton departed to take his dream job at Brigham Young, he left far before the regular season was over.

Barring something unexpected, I think it’s likely that Martz doesn’t want to return to the Bears as offensive coordinator in 2012. If he did why didn’t he sign the extension that was offered? Possibly he just wanted to wait to see if a better offer materialized. But if he’s gone in 2012 anyway, the only major issue to me here is whether he leaves or becomes distracted before the end of the 2011 season.

Outside of Martz’ stubborn refusal to change his ways until the seventh and fifth games of the 2010 and 2011 seasons respectively, I tend to like what he’s done in Chicago. Even if his Bears’ team’s stats haven’t come close to the numbers his units put up in St. Louis and Detroit. Losing Martz would be a loss. Losing him prior to the end of the 2011 season would probably be devastating.

I’d prefer to focus on who his replacement would be. To me, get someone, ANYONE that can install Green Bay’s offense here. Such as Tom Clements, whom the Bears pursued before they hired Martz, and who the Packers would not allow to interview in Chicago. Then again, what other team has Aaron Rodgers?

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  1. I dont think Martz will be back next year either, I heard on the radio this morning that the Jacksonville Jaguars have interest in him for the head coaching job..

  2. I’m with Roy, I didn’t see him as the long term solution either…but that’s just going to set this offense back another 4 games until they figure out the new OC’s system. Ah well, I guess it has to happen.

  3. Brian-wow-I had not heard that. I didn’t think he’s done well enough in Chicago to get that kind of attention at this time…

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