Marinelli is your “New” Defensive Coordinator

So it’s official, Rod Marinelli is indeed the Chicago Bears’ new defensive coordinator.  The announcement came today, several weeks after Lovie Smith said it wouldn’t happen.

Something is getting lost here in the reporting of this.  We all know that Smith called the plays for the Bears’ atrocious defense in 2009.  But his buddy Bob Babich was the official defensive coordinator.  Yes, only the Bears could have a head coach that was really the defensive coordinator (with a defensive background and whose unit sucked), and a defensive coordinator that was really the linebackers coach.

So what is Bob Babich officially now?  Just wondering.

2 Responses to “Marinelli is your “New” Defensive Coordinator”

  1. I happen to believe the only reason Marinelli was “officially” named DC was to give Lovie and Babich some cover. Make no mistake, they are the going to be the ones implementing their schemes and Marinelli is just going to be their errand boy. I called this along time ago. I wonder why they took so long for the Bears to make this announcement?

  2. This is B.S. Why did we fire Ron Rivera? Oh yeah, he wanted to change defensive schemes, because he knew this one sucked once teams figure it out, and that it takes a certain type of offense to help that defense win. Keep Rod where he belongs.

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