Lovie Smith on the Bubble?

I don’t think that’s true, I just needed a headline.

According to today’s Chicago Tribune, Bears players are incensed about a report in Pro Football Weekly that the Bears’ 2007 demise is squarely on the shoulders of head coach Lovie Smith. The report in the weekly was published without a byline.

OK, my take. If PFW’s unsubstantiated reports are true, kudos to them. Without saying so exactly, the article hints at Smith’s promotion of buddy Bob Babich to defensive coordinator instead of bringing back Ron Rivera as a major start to the problem. It also alludes that the coach had a major hand in personnel mistakes in St. Louis, as well as the drafting and promotion of Cedric Benson. It also blames Smith largely for what I agree is a disastrous 2007 draft class (with the exception of Greg Olsen, of course).

As you read the article, keep in mind that Hub Arkush is the publisher of PFW. Arkush is still a strong backer of former Bears coach Dick Jauron and was adamant at that time that he felt Jauron should have been retained at that time. And the comments in the article, again published without a byline, are the same things Arkush will say on his many radio spots on WSCR. A station he said was garbage and he didn’t listen to while he was tussling with callers to Jauron’s old radio show in 2002.

The PFW article also states that if Smith doesn’t turn it around by 2009, he’ll be out of a job.? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, even if we see Wanny-esque seasons of 6-10, 4-12, 4-12 through those years.? Smith is signed through 2011, and GM Jerry Angelo through 2013, and I doubt “the family” will be giving Smith up to $12 million for free over the last two years of his deal.

Better hope the unsubstantiated reports aren’t true, Bear fans, and Smith & Angelo do get this thing turned around.

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