Lovie Not Going Anywhere

I know most everyone understands this, but let’s remember that Lovie Smith isn’t going anywhere this year or next year.  Like him, love him or starting to despise him, he’s the Bears coach most likely through the final year of his contract in 2011.  Maybe-just maybe-if the Bears finish with a losing record in 2009 and have a terrible season in 2010 he would be gone.

But odds are even if his teams finish below .500 this season and 8-8 in 2010, he’s here through 2011.  Just want to make sure we remember the reality of it.

But of course I’m not writing off the 2009 season after one horrible loss.  And I agree with the posters yesterday that there are plenty of examples of good teams that recovered from heartbreaking losses to advance through the playoffs.  I do not swallow everything the “real” media writes….anyone that’s been here for a portion of the 2.5 years I’ve had this blog knows that.  I usually try to point out the absurd generalities they more often than not like to play up.

But speaking of the real media and one of the guys I do respect, today Mike Mulligan outlines four ways the Bears can fix this season.  And I hope Lovie does understand he has some fixing to do and that everything isn’t fine the way it is.

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  1. There are two things I’d love to see the Bears do.

    1. Put Hunter Hillenmeyer back at middle linebacker. Roach is a nice player and he is an adequate fill in, but the last two weeks he had trouble getting the calls out and the alignments correct. On the two screen passes that went for TDs (Roddy White and Laverneus Coles) he was out of position because he was still trying to get the calls out. The unbalanced line created matchup problems for the Bears and the coaches certainly bear some responsbility, but Roach had the D-linemen lined up in the wrong gaps way, way too often. That is what resulted in a lot of Benson’s gashing runs. Hillenmeyer is a vet who seems to understand the D better and Roach should move back to the Sam position.

    2. There are some changes that have to be made on the O-line. Beekman should play over Omiyale. Omiyale is fine for depth but Beekman outplayed him in pre-season. Give Josh the start. I’d also like to see a more radical shift where Williams moves to LT and Shaffer plays RT. Take out Pace. He struggles against the speed rushers and constantly holds – that will cost us in future games. With Williams and Beekman on the left side we would have two younger, more physical players that we would build on. Shaffer has started at RT in the past.

    The change in the O-line would also be an acknowledgement that some things need to change. It would help bring about an attitude and understanding that people are playing for their jobs and playing time.

  2. Hillenmeyer definitely has a better knowledge of the defense and belongs in the middle. There has to be some kind of consistency there, and right now he’s the guy that should be giving the calls. Also agree about Pace, I hate to see what’s going to happen when he has to line up against a guy like Jared Allen… not pretty.

  3. God I hate to say it, but the Vikings scare me. At this rate, Jared Allen will have 10 sacks against us and Adrian Peterson 400 yards rushing – in each game!

  4. I hear you Harry. If they don’t get a lot better on both sides, yes that might happen.

  5. It’s really too bad that JA couldn’t try and trade for a guy like Aaron Kampman instead of a Gaines Adams, the guy is dying in GB’s 3-4. Unfortunately it looks like 2010′s draft had been basically mortgaged away.

  6. Why not trade Lovie to the Redskins? It’s happened before (Gruden to Tampa Bay). Snyder might just go for it, as Zorn’s days are numbered. Maybe we could get WA 2nd round pick.

    Also, the Bears only have to eat Lovie’s contract to the exetent he is not paid by someone else if they “cut” him. So if he sat out the entire two years, yeah, that’s $5 Mil/ year. But if some hires him as a head coach or coordinator Bears only pick up the difference.

  7. Hey it’s understandable Roy to have the thoughts that we all have, especially after a game like sunday’s. It just shows how passionate we are and that we actually care about the product on the field. We all blog week in, week out on here and discuss the state of the Bears unlike other people who are “Bears” fans for one day of the week for a 17 week period.

  8. Well Rob you get your wish pretty much. Hillenmeyer is being moved back to MLB (confirmed by the Bears)…and Beekman is starting at LG apparently (Thank god). While I think Hillenmeyer is the smarter player and able to get calls out better than Roach, to me Roach is a better run stopper than Hillenmeyer, which also scares me with the Vikes is that Hillenmeyer will simply just be ran over by Adrian Peterson.

    Brad…As much as I would take a guy like Aaron Kampman…The Packers and Bears making a trade? The apocalypse would happen. But I agree with your point on the 2010 draft. We’re not going to find any real immediate talent at the O-Line or D-Line later in the draft in my opinion. To me, JA is going to have to spend money to sign some free agents next season.

  9. I really think all these changes can benefit, but I still think that our secondary is a major issue. Tillman and vasher are not what they used to be. I do partially blame that on our weak pass rush. I hope in the off season they seriously address the defense

  10. The secondary is a major problem. Even if they make it to the playoffs (which I doubt) their pass rush isn’t effefctive enough to create mistakes which our safteys and corners can capatalize from. I hope they work on the defense in the offseason if they want to be taken seriously in this league

  11. Scott — Adrian Peterson will run over Roach or Hillenmeyer, doesn’t matter–did you see him steamroll that Steeler DB on Sunday? Wow.

    Speaking of Adrian Peterson, is our SP ready to go? That’s another change I hope to see. Give AP the ball, at least a good handful of plays (pass or rush), and maybe he’ll break some tackles (unlike Forte).

  12. Jeff– Yes true, doesnt really matter..I just think Roach has a better chance than Hillenmeyer from that position. Briggs is really our only hope in stopping AP once hes through the D-Line.

  13. Hillenmeyer is the choice. Roach has problems getting players into position. Unexceptable to not only play your position poorly, but to also affect the players around you, which is why the first move made this week was Hillenmeyer for Roach. Even though Frank Omiyale is a damn (I don’t know exactly what it’s called, but you know in Saving Private Ryan, the beach scene, when the door opens on the boats. What is the door on the troop transport boats called? Because that is what Omiyale reminds me of. A door that opens and let’s a bunch of angry people into a place you don’t want them to be.) Anyway, give Beekman a chance. He couldn’t do much worse.

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