Lovie: Bears “Not That Far Away”

Lovie Smith thinks that the Bears are a good team, and there’s “no reason to think they won’t make the playoffs in 2010.”

“This is a good core we have in place right now,” he said.

Readers, please take it from there.

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  1. There’s not really too much left to say on this. The guy is clearly in over his head and it has taken him into fantasy land. Every time he makes a statement like that I can only picture the Jim Mora Coors commercial…..”Playoffs?!.. what’da mean playoffs?!?! He just doesn’t get it.

    As an amusing sidebar: I was over on the Bears message boards the other day, I’m not a regular I just like to see what people are saying, and apparently a group of them have contacted David Haugh at the Trib. They inquired about taking out a full page “fire Lovie and staff” ad, or possibly even a billboard somewhere in the city. Supposedly Haugh responded back that they would possibly be interested in involvement on some level. Sounds like a bunch of BS, and I doubt anything would come of it, but it would be interesting to see how much press it got in the Chicago as well as the national level.

  2. Sick of Lovie and his dumbfounded look. Sick of the Bears weak O-Line. Sick of the mediocre wideouts. Bears need a overhaul but aint gonna happen till at least 2011…and thats wishful thinking!!!

  3. F**k Lovie Smith.

  4. When your fans and the media both say your team is a poor one, and more importnatly, when your opoonents say your product is a poor one, the last thing you should be saying is that your team should be able to make the playoffs next year. No O=line, no wide receivers, a bottom five performing tightend, and under achieving running backs paired up with a franchise quality QB= 6-10 every season. Jay Cutler is someone the team can build around, but mgmt has CHOSEN not to. The defense has significant holes as well. So DO NOT try to sell us this ‘wait until next year BS’.

  5. What? Lovie is d side of the coach. Thats his main role. Turner has never been a qb friendly guy. Just hand it off and manage the clock. that worked 20 yrs ago. but the nfl is passing chicago by on offense. Shanny is an offensive minded coach and getts production from his player. but first they need to let Cutler be Cutler. and not mold him in to a old school mindset of just 5 yard passes handing it of to a running game that is in the coaches imangination. the bears need an overhaul. from the top down.

  6. Lovie said his goal was to beat the Packers when he was hired. He never even mentioned the Super Bowl.

  7. He said this last year.

  8. Apparently Lovely has very low expectations from this group. And when is the “franchise quarterrback” supposed to arrive??? Professional athletes at their finest. NOT even close.

  9. Through the years, I have seen good and bad Bear teams. This team is the worse I have seen since the 1-13 team in the late 60s. This team is not even competitive. Nothing to cheer about. Many people should be fired-Including the offensive coordinator. Hire a defensive coordinator. Lovie Smith reached his pinnacle a few years ago. Diminishing returns on him as well. Detroit will beat them easily.

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