Lots of News (for a preseason Wednesday)

David Haugh predicts the 53-man roster, due this weekend. What will happen with high draft picks Dan Bazuin and Michael Okwo, and with them Jerry Angelo’s career as a talent evaluator?

Jay Mariotti resigns after a 17-year career with the Chicago Sun-Times. He says sportswriters can’t compete with the Internet anymore.

The Bears finally cut Ricky Manning Jr., in my opinion a key piece of the 2006 defense. I still just don’t get what happened.

2 Responses to “Lots of News (for a preseason Wednesday)”

  1. I think it’s a matter of Lovie not being a personel manager. I think Ricky said something that Lovie didn’t like last year, and Lovie has been punishing him ever since for it. Probably about Bob Babich being a piece of s***. Miss you Ron.

  2. Ricky Manning caught the Mark Bradley bug I guess? Good riddance to Marrioti, I’ve never liked his writing, always tried to start a fight with some terrible opinion.

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