Lions 24, Bears 13

It will take me a few days with regular commitments to get all of my feelings out on this one.  But really what more is there to say?

I was pretty suspicious about the 2011 Chicago Bears chances since the preseason.  Following the surprising dominance of Atlanta in the opener, I thought I had it wrong.  Prior to the week two meeting at New Orleans, I thought that maybe, just maybe, the Bears would really put it together for one more season.  Then they were dominated by New Orleans and Green Bay.  Then they won a game they really almost, or should have, lost against Carolina at home.

Tonight against Detroit, the ending wasn’t too far off of what I thought it would be, and actually it was closer than I envisioned it could have been.  What I took away from this game is that Matt Forte played with a lot of heart, hitting some holes that probably weren’t really there.  And Jay Cutler did hit a groove for a while, but given the fact he had fractions of seconds to sit in the pocket, it never really mattered.

For the future it would make me feel better to know that at least the Bears are playing for a nice draft pick next year.  But honestly, after seeing the Green Bay Packers draft themselves from a last place team in 2005 to a potential dynasty at the present while the Bears have thrown away picks left and right, I don’t have that hope under the current leadership.

What I do believe I know now is that the Bears hired a coordinator in Mike Martz whose system has been bypassed by the rest of the NFL, even though it seems the rest of the teams in the NFL are finding ways to throw for 400 yards per game on a regular basis.  At the minimum, Martz’ system is not suited for Cutler’s talent, but most likely there is no way this line can make Martz’ system work.  Hell, Martz’ system worked better for a 3-13 Lions team in 2006 than it does for the Bears with a quarterback with better talent seen in these parts since the 1940′s.

Haven’t even mentioned the performance by the defense, shredded by the pass as well as on the ground after allowing an 88-yard touchdown run that broke the Bears’ backs.  I don’t believe I’ve witnessed a game-changing long play like that since Randall Hill’s touchdown pass over Tom Carter in Chicago’s 1997 loss to Mike Ditka’s Saints.

I do give credit and best wishes to the resurgent Detroit Lions.  And I thank them for the two wins per season they gave us regularly over the last decade.  Now the Chicago Bears’ management and coaches will have to realize they can’t feast on those anymore.

Maybe I did say it all after all.

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  1. Embarrassing. Pathetic. Pick another word. That’s it.

    The Bears obviously brought a full contingent of clown cars along to Detroit last night. As long as Martz is here, Cutler is never going to be put in position to succeed. At this point, I feel bad for him, as the offensive line he plays behind is absolutely embarrassing and a joke. I’m tired of hearing all the clichés about Tice making gold out of a pile of manure. The line sucks, and Cutler’s taken a beating ever since he got here, and that’s not changing even when Carimi gets back. Getting that many false start penalties in one drive, let alone an entire game, is just flat out ridiculous in itself.

    Angelo got Cutler and we all know the rest – he has completely failed in all respects to fill a basic need to protect Cutler. The approach was all wrong. That’s only half of the problem with the other half giving him a crap pile of receivers to work with. It’s well documented that Sanzenbacher is Cutler’s favorite target, with no further explanation needed why that’s a gigantic problem.

    Last point is again going to focus on Lovie, as it always comes down to. The sequence where we picked up 35-40 yards on Lions penalties to keep a drive going in a scoreless game, then burned a timeout, could not convert on 3rd and 1, went for it and failed on 4th and 1, and wasted a challenge on the spot, is textbook Lovie idiocy. Practically the same sequence played out last week, and it just shows again the man is an idiot without a clue. I don’t know when the Bears are ever going to catch up to the Packers but I would not bet on it happening in my lifetime, this season is finished at this point.

  2. With all due respect to whatever he may have done in the past to make the powers that be bring to Chicago, I spent the entire game watching Frank “Omigodblocksomebody” Omiyale get burned snap after snap. His blocking technique can only be described as “turnstyle” – just keep letting guys through. I am bewildered that this revolving door is still on the team. Trotting out such a porous front line on national TV is nothing less than an embarrassment. I think there are many more issues that are causing our failures. I think the biggest issue is the lack of time Cutler has to deliver the football. A quarterback cannot be effective if the o-line can’t hold their blocks and give the receiver routes time to develop. It certainly doesn’t help that the receivers seem to be having trouble getting the ball into their hands. I’d love to know where these troubles on the defensive line came from. That used to be our bread-and-butter, but suddenly we’re giving up 88-yard runs. At this point, it may just be easier to mention the areas that we are doing well in – Matt Forte, Robbie Gould, and the linebackers.

  3. Detroit penalties, Forte’s determined running, and Cutler’s uncanny, God-given ability to throw the football off balance & off his back foot were the only things that kept us in that game. Our O-line cannot consistently pass block OR run block. Our defense (players) are old and our defense (scheme) is even older. I thought Gruden and Jaworski made great observations, pointing out that the entire league has caught up to the Cover-2 and figured out multiple ways to beat it. We are an old team with a lot of deficiencies and we are simply not good anymore. I can deal with a Bears loss or a sub-par season here and there, but the saddest thing to me is the realization that we are on the decline. Our window of opportunity has slammed shut and we have nothing to show for it (i.e. Super Bowl titles). To think of all the talent and opportunities we’ve had over the last 5 – 6 years, to actually make it to the Super Bowl in ’06 and the NFC Championship Game last year, and to come away with nothing is depressing. Couple that with the fact that the Packers and Lions are clearly on the upswing and should both be good for years to come, and it is very depressing for this Bears fan. This team needs to be overhauled from the top down, starting with the GM and coaching staff. Until that happens, we are not going to be good for a very long time.

  4. @Grabber

    Sanzenbacher is Cutler’s favorite target because he’s the guy that CATCHES THE BALL. There is no excuse for Hester not catching that pass that HIT HIM IN THE HANDS. I just see pass after pass where the ball might be a little overthrown, but receivers don’t even make an effort to try to catch it. Throw a hand out, dive for it, do something!

  5. Angelo and Martz need to go….

  6. Im still disgusted.. what a joke, this offense has almost no talent, and what talent they do have (Cutler,Forte) is being wasted by no support, bad play calling, and a system that doesnt fit! Leave it to Angelo to finally bring in a pro bowl QB and ruin him.. and I dont even want to get started on the O line, Omiyale doesnt even belong on the field.. and where is Stephen Paea anyone seen him? or is his face on a milk carton?

  7. Rob, yes, Cutler trusts Sanzenbacher to catch the ball, great. The point I’m making is that this is yet another indictment of Angelo not knowing what he’s doing. The Sanzenbacher point is not breaking news and is something that’s been discussed all season long. Brad Biggs just posted something on this exact topic a few minutes ago so I’m not going to spend anymore time writing about it.

  8. As a Lions fan, I would like to convey my thoughts about your team. Jay Cutler is fearless! His ability to evade and still remain focused is exemplary. As others have posted, he and Matt Forte and Detroit penalties summed up Chicago’s offense. Please forgive me, as a Lions fan, I have to believe that our defensive front 4 were much of the problem for your o-line. Anyway, from a long, long rebuilding fan, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Keep Cutler, clean if you can and your issues won’t be as bad or as long. Good luck, unless you play my Lions.

  9. With a better o-line, the bears would be competitive.

  10. Losing just sucks and we are routinely getting our ass kicked. What kills me is that the Steelers and the Pack can aquire offensive lineman looking for work after the season started; install them immedietly, and they work out (at least so far. And the Steelers free agent acquisition was a former player). Yet such daring activity escapes the mind of Jerry Angelo. Our offensive line looks like a group of speed bumps. Detroits pass rush was so fast, the Bears hardly got a chance to commit a holding penalty.
    Is it possible for the Bears to use all their timeouts during pre-game warm-ups next week?

  11. Dale B. – congrats on the win. I have always hated the Lions the least out of all our division rivals :) I will definitely be rooting for the Lions to take out the Pack! Good luck.

  12. For Dale-classy comment, and enjoy your impending success. I know I don’t speak for all Bears fans (ahem, Jeff B.) but if any team were to be strong in the division other than the Bears I’d like to see it be the Lions. Just too bad we’re all dealing with a dynasty in the making up North. That’s what makes me ill.

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