“Lie Down, Chicago Bears”

I toyed with the idea of skipping attendance at the Vikings game.  I figured I would get more satisfaction out of getting counted in the no-show tally than seeing the Bears get embarrassed for the 10th time this season.  But my paying $136 to the McCaskey family and not getting a penny’s worth of entertainment isn’t palatable.  Besides, the friend that’s going with me really wants to go.  So I’ll be there.

But good for this group, who has recorded a video of new words for the Bears’ fight song named “Lie Down, Chicago Bears.”  I still don’t think any amount of fan disgust is going to lead to major changes following the 2009 dumpster of a season.  But we have to start somewhere.

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  1. And they call themselves a professional football team?! Let’s begin by dumping Turner. He did poorly at U of I and hasn’t shown much with the Bears. Very sad.

  2. Dude, you didn’t include the link to the song!
    Now in sing along version.

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