Let’s Go Bears-The Future

On the day we get to see the (partial) unveiling of the 2014 Chicago Bears, I am briefly mentioning the change to how I go about my hobby. Not that anyone cares or reads this anymore, but I had to have something to write in my new format.

I created www.BearsHistory.com way back in 2000. Totally hilarious for someone who still thinks he is young to know that some of my readers weren’t born when I started the site back in the early days of the Internet.

I’ve been fortunate to have a great career so far with two different large companies spanning the last (almost) 20 years. Back in the late 1990′s, I began taking technology classes because I used to have the time for those things. One of those classes taught me basic HTML skills, learning which allowed me to launch a great hobby that has been very rewarding. A later class gave me a taste of ASP.net, which I used to revamp the site in 2005. In 2007 I launched www.ChicagoBearsWebLog.com. I updated the blog daily for many years. I will never forget the early days of the Internet (and the earlier days of my adult life) when these sites gained a high degree of exposure, allowing me to do some very awesome things like write a book and appear on local and national television and radio. It’s been a great ride.

I’m not completely abandoning the ride, but do have to slow down and change. Over the 14 years that I have participated in this great hobby, LOTS has changed (in case you didn’t notice!) My Google page rank has fallen, I get much less exposure due to the absolute saturation of media sources, and with my responsible adult life kicking into hyperdrive, I don’t have time to focus on doing anything to try to stay relevant. My adult friends understand this, and kids, it will happen to you someday too. As much as you say it never will!! (As I did).

In the halcyon days of my young(er) adulthood, I thought this all might lead to me doing something with the Bears, or becoming a sports journalist. In the meantime, unfortunately for my friends in the industry, journalism seems to continue a long death. And maintaining a solid career in order to stay abreast of my responsibilities has trumped any further dreams of working with the Bears organization.

www.BearsHistory.com is about 95% finished. There are a few pages I’d like to finish and/or expand. I might get to it, but have no idea when. Going forward, I will focus on posting gameday updates from this Chicago Bears fan of 35 years on the blog. Probably not many Bears news or opinion updates, because there are about a thousand paid journalists and hundreds of thousands of fans posting their own opinions everywhere else. I don’t have time, and frankly don’t care that much to publicize my own much anymore.

Hell, being that this adult with real responsibilities is being priced out of professional sports anyway, maybe I will give it all up someday to focus on family and learn how to play the guitar.

I am still continuing my series of library programs this Fall, and currently am booked at Bensenville Public Library http://benlib.org/ on September 2nd, and Homer Township Library http://www.homerlibrary.org/homer/ on September 22nd. We love to see everyone that comes out.

Thanks to my readers and new fans I have met that have allowed me to enjoy a pretty incredible and fun journey I’ll never forget.

Let’s Go Bears!!

3 Responses to “Let’s Go Bears-The Future”

  1. Roy, this is the greatest website ever. I figure I have wasted close to 1,000 hours of company time perusing the pages. Anyway the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has too little Chicago Bears coverage. So I’m looking forward to the game day updates!

  2. I will never forget the day that Jeff discovered that the creator of his favorite Bears website worked at the same company! And this football novice has learned many a thing about Da Bears from you. Thanks for helping my marriage to survive :)

  3. Hey Roy,
    Good call and great what you did with this site. It’ll be read long after almost all of the others have been forgotten, despite the daily deluge. Between the unwatchable pregame shows, the 9,000 penalty flags (like in last night’s game, for example), all the public and legal and controversies, and … should I go on? … I am about 95% with you about letting go and finally learning how to play the guitar.

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