Last Words on Tank

Well I knew it was going to happen, and the only thing I’m surprised about is the speed with which the Bears cut Tank Johnson.? Kudos to them.

There were questions floating around out there as to whether NFL teams can release players for detrimental conduct, and the answer is yes, they can try to. Johnson can still put in a claim with the Player’s Association, but according to Pro Football Talk there is a standard clause in player’s contracts allowing teams to do just this.

It’s too bad for the Bears and their fans. The team needed Johnson to stay out of trouble and contribute, but I agree Johnson now forced their hand.

Johnson was a second-round pick in 2004, Lovie Smith’s first season in Chicago. Somewhat of a surprise pick given that the Bears had selected DT Tommie Harris in the first round of that draft, Johnson stayed out of trouble and improved his game through the end of the 2005 season. That’s when the trouble started, and here we are. Undoubtedly another team will give Tank plenty more opportunities after his eight-game suspension is over in 2007.

The only thing I am thankful for is I don’t have to discuss him anymore.

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