Lance Briggs Crash

So the saga of Lance Briggs wrecking his $350,000-plus luxury sports car is over.? In case you missed it, Briggs’ wrecked the car on the Edens expressway after 3 a.m. Monday morning and left the scene.? He was charged with a couple misdemeanors, and that’s it.? Apparently, case closed.

The thing I can’t, and won’t be able to figure out, is that if this were me (or you, or any other “normal” person), we would have had the cops knocking on our door 10 minutes after the vehicle was found to check out why we left the scene.? Why was Briggs allowed to sequester himself in his home, then later at Halas Hall protected by the Bears’ attorney and director of security, then make an appointment that night to go see the Illinois State Police?? This we’ll never know, I guess.? And I’d also love to know how he got from the side of the road to his house, but this we’ll never know either.

Today, one of my favorite writers revisits other Bears, like Fred Washington, that didn’t walk away from a single-vehicle crash.

Also opining today is Jay Mariotti, picking apart the Bears organization’s stance on the matter.? While Mike Mulligan says this doesn’t damper the 2007 Bears’ spirits.

I consider myself one of the biggest Bear fans to exist since I was a little kid. But now that I have little kids of my own, each time celebrities/athletes make bad decisions and get treated differently than common folks like us, I question more and more spending any of my own money to allow them to further their disobedience.

The problem I’m always wrestling with, though, is that if I don’t spend my money, there are 100,000 other people lined up behind me that will take my season tickets, so what would my boycott accomplish?

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