Lambeau Field Turf

I often can’t find some graphic sections online that are available in the print edition of the Chicago Tribune, and this is also the case today.  But in section 1 of today’s paper I finally found the answer to my question about Lambeau Field’s turf.

According to the graphic, both Lambeau and Soldier Field have heating tubes buried under the ground.  But the turf system used in Green Bay is called the Desso GrassMaster system, and the graphic neatly shows how artificial fibers are injected all the way practically to the sub surface.  When natural grass is planted in the soil, the roots wrap around the injected artificial fibers, strengthening the grass.

Thanks Tribune for the explanation I was looking for.  Now, city of Chicago, why the hell can’t you use this system in Soldier Field?  I read the other day that it costs $500,000 per re-sodding at Soldier Field, and this is done several times a year.  Surely installing a lasting surface would be cost-effective.

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