Kyle Orton better than Aaron Rodgers!

All season, NFL fans have been bombarded by the great story of how great Aaron Rodgers is.  Heir apparent to Brett Favre, destined to be another Hall of Fame Packer quarterback.

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the desk.  Of all places, in the Green Bay Press-Gazette, a reporter has talked football with three NFC scouts.  Of the two scouts that would predict the winner of the NFC North, one each picked the Bears and Packers.

You know what else they concluded?  Two of the three believe Kyle Orton is a better quarterback than Rodgers.  Wow.  The Packer and Rodgers crotch-slobbering national media would be appalled.  Me?  Love it.

Imagine what the cheeseheads that read that article this morning are saying. Oh, wait, undoubtedly they’ll find their way here and rip me in the comments. Just wait.

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  1. I think we will have to rely on the Bears fans to spread the word – everyone knows Cheeeseheads can’t read.

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