Julius Peppers’ First Bears Game

I heard a couple of fans after Sunday’s season opening win complaining that Julius Peppers didn’t do much.  On the Doug & OB postgame, I also heard Ed O’Bradovich saying more was expected out of our new $90 million man.  O’Bradovich focused on the fact that he ended up with zero tackles.

My opinion is, I think they’re nuts.  As we all know, Peppers drove in on Lion quarterback Matt Stafford, violently sacked him in a key situation, separating Stafford from the ball and his shoulder from his body in the process.  I believe he also was credited with four pressures and a tackle.

To me, if you get a sack, a forced fumble, a tackle and knock the opposing quarterback from the game, good things are going to happen.  I was very satisfied with his debut performance as a Bear.

In other news, Lovie Smith got testy with the fans and media yesterday, questioning our understanding of “football 101.”  According to Smith, “football 101″ includes applying single coverage to one of the best receivers in the game on make-or-break plays, and refusing to kick a 17-yard field goal for the lead when trailing.  Who would have known?  (Please note sarcasm).

Also, Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times predicts that Smith will be the first coach to be fired in 2010. Smith can continue with his defiant act, but the wolves are certainly stirring, already.

3 Responses to “Julius Peppers’ First Bears Game”

  1. Lovie proved why he should be let go.

  2. Agreed, they are nuts; what more would you expect from your new DE’s first game???? You would only dream of this.
    I agree with the philosophy that you should only go for it when you don’t have any other choice to win the game. I thought you only HAD to go for it at the end of games if you were trailing by more than 3 points. That sure wasn’t the case during that game.
    I am still mad at thinking that if he had just let Gould kick the 2 field goal on 4th down instead of going for it BOTH times, the Bears would have had -check this out Lovie- 19+3+3=25 points, giving them the edge whatever the referees call the Johnson catch. Somewhere in his football 101 book it must be written “score touchdowns”. Problem is, it’s a matter of points, not touchdowns, check out the pittsburgh win Lovie.
    The worse is that he will keep on going for it …Different philosophy I guess.

  3. It’s so hard to judge how well players play while you’re at the game, I don’t blame the guy you were sitting near…but yeah Peppers did a fine job, getting double teamed left and right no less. The D looked pretty scary-good at times.

    As for Lovie, I don’t care if he gets fired. I’m not calling for his head (espcially after a win), but I won’t miss him one bit when he does eventually get canned.

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