Julius Peppers and the Chicago Bears

One of the writers for a major Chicago newspaper today wrote a piece on Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers.   Peppers, entering free agency, recently declared that he is through with the Panthers and will explore the open market this offseason.

The writer declared that the Bears must pounce on Peppers, who racked up a career high 14.5 sacks in 2008.  I would most certainly agree with that, as the foremost problem ailing the Bears may be their lack of a pass rush, key to success for any team running a predominantly cover two defense.

Problem?  Peppers has made it clear to everyone (except this writer?) that he intends to go to a team running a 3-4 defense.  Period.  Since we all know Lovie Smith isn’t changing his scheme for anyone, this would absolutely rule the Chicago Bears out.  Am I missing something, or is this information a reporter from the real media should be privy to?

I’m sure it’s just me.  I’m a denizen of the not-so-brave world of blogging.  And actually, I like it here.

[Update January 19th-Boers and Bernstein on 670 the Score are talking about this very subject, how this writer failed to learn that Peppers has declared he will not play for any team that runs a 4-3 defense.  Interesting, B&B lit in pretty good to the writer-Boers saying "not too good for a football guy."]

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  1. If we’re going to break the bank for a defensive lineman free agent, let’s go for Albert Haynesworth. Now THAT would be scary.

  2. Research is a lost art in the media world these days.

  3. I think that the bears could really use peppers i just don’t understand why they don’t have a sit down and fix the qb spot

  4. I think that we should go for peppers, our d- needs some help and this is just what we need. As for the QB spot, i think that Kyle Orton is progressing and will continue to.

  5. oh wow, free agency is just what the bears could use!! DT Haynesworth would be perfect!! DE Peppers, oh stop it , gettin goosebumps! maybe then we wouldn’t have to blitz 110 percent of the time to try to get some pressure, we could actually play the pass and stop the Vicqueens and that thorn in all our sides, Adrian Peterson. Orton was awesome before that ankle injury so i don’t think that has to change. I’m still really high on TJ housmizzodo (? lol). Forte is gonna die if we don’t do something on offense besides use him. another RB or better WR’s to take the load off. this team needs to step up now, not next year and take the north.

  6. excited bears fan on March 5th, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    Looks like the 3-4 wasn’t so important after all. Bear down chicago looks like were gonna have that x-mas feeling during the free agency.

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