Jim McMahon wants to help you Score

Jimmy Mac.  My favorite Bear from 1982-1988.  As close to a franchise quarterback as the Bears have ever had since Sid Luckman…but as much as I like him I can’t put him there because of the missed playing time.  Offensive Coordinator Ed Hughes (1982-1988) said McMahon was the absolute best quarterback he had ever seen when it came to analyzing defenses at the line of scrimmage.  On top of this, I personally think McMahon is a good guy despite what the media has said about his attitude and personality.  I met him twice and he was as pleasant as anyone could expect him to be with a fan.

But for a guy that said his goal after football was to do nothing, he sure pitches some whimsical products.  Currently, he is lined up with an outfit to help guys score with women.  Thanks to my high school buddies for forwarding this.  Enjoy the link.

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