Jim McMahon: BYU Hall of Fame

Thanks to reporter Nate Carlisle of the Salt Lake Tribune for pointing this out to me.  This news hasn’t reached the Chicago media yet, so I was unaware.

Apparently, Jim McMahon’s father has written a fairly scathing letter to Brigham Young University Athletic Director Tom Holmoe, arguing that his son should be enshrined in the BYU Athletic Hall of Fame.  The elder McMahon makes a compelling case-McMahon was indeed one of the greatest quarterbacks not only in BYU history, but in the history of college football as a whole.

I’m sure most of you recall also, that McMahon has made many disparaging remarks about his time at BYU, calling the happiest day of his college career the day he left campus for the final time.  This certainly hasn’t endeared him to anyone connected to the university or any resident of Utah, for that matter.

Many readers of the Tribune have responded with support for McMahon sr.’s case.  Apparently a rule was institute, coincidentally as McMahon’s time there was drawing to a close, that prevents enshrinement in the Hall of Fame if the student didn’t complete his degree at the university.  So McMahon doesn’t qualify, and he certainly won’t grovel or go back to complete his degree.

Interesting situation, indeed.

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