Jeremy Bates to Chicago Bears?

Last night on the Monday Night football pregame, ESPN reporter Adam Schefter reported that USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates will be a candidate to replace Ron Turner in 2010, IF Turner is released.  I don’t count on it.  As I don’t count on the Bears doing a thing to turn their shipwreck around until Jerry Angelo and the rest of the cast of clowns are dismissed.

Initially I was intrigued and excited by the thought.  Bates was Jay Cutler’s final offensive coordinator in Denver, and Cutler had stated that he wouldn’t have wanted out of Denver if Bates had been retained.  Then I read the post on, apparently USC fans are no fans of Bates.  To quote the post, Bates has shown puzzling playcalling choices, calling runs when the passing game was clicking and vise-versa.

And again, IF Turner is released, what kind of decent offensive coordinator would want to coach under Lovie Smith and his train wreck of a final lame duck season?  Or two, unfortunately.

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  1. On the other hand, if Bates comes in and does a passable job improving the offense, if/when Lovie gets fired he can say “look what a job I did with that pile of junk” and try to use it as a launching point to a HC/other OC job.

    I mean, if he wants to go into the NFL as an OC/HC, he has to start somewhere.

  2. Take Bates! We hate him with a passion in So Cal. At the end of the game against Arizona, the fans, that were actually left, were chanting, “bye bye Bates…”

  3. i’m not sure why nobody has thought that whoever the new offensive coordinator is (should turner be fired) could potentially be lovie’s replacement? given the fact that jerry’s could possibly be around at least a year, and maybe two after lovie’s departure, why wouldn’t someone come in with the possibility of promotion in the not-too-distant future?

  4. Bates is a bright guy, but Shanahan always was involved in the play calling in Denver. That might be why Bates is struggling now where he is. But Bates has to be better than the current goof, but we really need Shanahan here to make the whole thing come together. Enough public pressure comes in and you never know what will happen!

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