Jay Cutler Throws the Ball!

Wow, the NFL really is morphing into a 12-month spectacle.  Baseball isn’t even 60 days into its season, and we actually have Chicago Bears working out on the practice field.

Just the Bears practicing in May used to get me excited, but damn I love this deal of having an actual NFL quarterback taking snaps for our team.  It will take some getting used to.

Here’s 5 minutes of Jay Cutler answering questions after his first OTA (organized team activity).  One thing I didn’t know was how much he says “YOU KNOW?”.  Wow.  I used to think Fridge Perry said “you know?” every third word, but actually looking into it Cutler has Fridge knocked out in that competition.

If Cutler throws 20 TD’s and has single-digit interceptions, he can say “you know” 59 times a minute in interviews for all I care.

In other news, former CB Corey Graham has officially moved to FS, which is a good thing in my opinion.

I usually don’t cite the propaganda site very often, but since the Bears have a bona fide quarterback for the first time in my lifetime, I actually don’t mind the propaganda so much.

How many days until pads?

4 Responses to “Jay Cutler Throws the Ball!”

  1. Just got done watching the Cutler Answering Session. I’m not afraid to admit I giggled to myself just thinking the Bears finally have a QB.

  2. I can not wait for the Bears season to start, but I am really enjoying this offseason talk with the new acquisitions. Life is sweet!

  3. I think I would read an article on “How Jay Cutler Washes His Hair” before I read a White Sox or Cubs recap.

  4. Hey “yaknow” the guys just not real “yaknow” personable “yaknow”…and “yaknow” the media is persecuteing him for that “yaknow”…But “yaknow” he’s a great player and leader….on and off the field……..”YAKNOW”…

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