Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears Quarterback

Just had to write that headline so someone can call me out if I dreamed the whole thing last night.  Apparently it’s true, and I’m happy again today.

I can laugh at myself now.  24 hours ago (prior to 6 a.m. Chicago time yesterday) I wrote a post doubting the Bears would do what it would take to get Cutler, but I admitted it was nice that the Bears were feigning interest.  But the Chicago Bears just do not make blockbuster deals, I said.  It’s not in the McCaskey/Angelo DNA.    Go out and get a quarterback that with a few pieces could make them a legitimate contender in the next two seasons?  Never will happen, I thought.  They will say things like “our plan is to build slow and steady, we like our plan, we like Kyle Orton, blah blah blah.”

But I was wrong.  And I LOVE that I was wrong about this one.

It’s amazing how the attitude changed around Chicago yesterday, from my house to talk radio to the Internet.  I personally have not been this excited about the Bears since Devin Hester’s opening kickoff return touchdown in Super Bowl 41, over 2 years ago.

And consider with the signing of left tackle Orlando Pace, the move of Chris Williams to the right, the addition of huge guard Frank Omiyale, and if the Bears can somehow add a legitimate receiver…gulp…the Chicago Bears have a legitimate offense for the first time in a long, long time.  As I’ve written before, the Chicago Bears usually don’t bother to play offense.

Drink it in Bears fans and enjoy it while it lasts.  Since the Chicago Bears haven’t had a quarterback since 1950, one friend has already told me this is too good to be true, and Cutler is destined to break a bone doctors have yet to discover.  God I hope that doesn’t happen.

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  1. What’s Pace got left in the tank? a 10-12 year Vet. I think he’s healty ATM. Nothing to say about the Cutler deal except that the Bears finally have a quarterback, the first since the ’50s. We’ll see how it plays out

  2. C’mon now, McMahon was a QB. Take a peak at the legendary monday night game when he rolls left and throws it 50 yds in the air for a TD, he had an arm too.

  3. Exciting, yes…this will shut all the fans up that always complain about the team not making any big moves. Let’s hope Cutler can make someone a #1 WR on this team.

    TOTAL SIDE NOTE: This site is the first site that pops up on Google when you type “Chicago Bears Blog”, therefore I will assume Jay Cutler himself has stopped by to read what Bears fans are saying. Kind of funny to think about, no? Hello Jay!

  4. I think that some linemen and others play in the league for 20 yrs so orlando pace could have some juice left and it’s about time i didn’t think that i would see the bears have a quarterback in my time so and as far as people saying that the bears gave up a lot by giving up a first round pick well let just chalk that up to our first pick is a pro bowl quarterback JAY TODAY IS THE DAY

  5. McMahon was close, but no cigar. A career 78.2 rating, 82 behind the ’85 O-line. Nothing against Jimbo, I just see him as a guy who didn’t screw it up, as opposed to someone who carried the torch.

  6. Robert Carl Parisien Natick MA on April 8th, 2009 at 7:40 am

    I dont know folks. Seems to me like the Bears gave up too much for Cutler. All I can say is that I sure hope it all works out because the future has just been heavily mortgaged.

  7. again why, its two draft picks, actually three but we get one back. why is it heavily mortgaged? i don’t understand this. alot of you think this is gonna ruin the bears for years if it doesn’;t work. how?? you think the bears are two first round picks from the superbowl? lol, i think not. i would say that this team drafts poorly for the most part and you actually save money by signing one guy instead of two 1st round picks. now if the bears finish high next year that pick will be something like 20 or higher for the 2010 draft. thats gonna ruin us?? give me a break

  8. As a Denver fan, I was mixed seeing Jay go. You do now have a legit top flight QB, but one with a lot to prove. I’ll miss his arm, but that’s about it. You’ll learn over time that despite what he says, he’s a whiner, a complainer, and a pouter. And it affects his game in a negative way. A great QB has to have short term memory loss..the ability to ‘get over it’ whether it’s an INT or TD..Jay doesn’t have this intangible and it will hurt your team more often than not.

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