Jay Cutler and Another Bears Tackle

Rick Morrissey of the Tribune this morning calls Jay Cutler a quitter and would not want the Bears to sign him.  Of course Morrissey and his colleagues get paid to write about the nonstandard view.

Of course I would lean toward wanting the Bears to sign Cutler since they haven’t had a longterm answer at quarterback since the late 1940′s.  But Morrissey and others that take this opinion do raise a valid point.  What if the Bears were to mortgage three years of picks and a couple of players for a quarterback, then not be left with anything else to build on until 2011?  Then again, if Jerry Angelo continues to blow high picks, that wouldn’t matter.

On Wednesday evening, the Bears signed former Browns tackle Kevin Shaffer to a three-year deal.  So the Bears and Browns ended up swapping right tackles.  Shaffer is two years younger and allegedly “plays meaner” than the man he replaced, John St. Clair.  How does that work out for the Browns?

Quick hit–the NFL owners are discussing dropping one or two preseason games to create 17 or 18 regular season games.  The buzz is that players will demand to get paid 1/17 or 1/9 more for playing two more regular games.  The question as I see it is….how will the NFL find a way to stick it to the fans on this?  Right now we pay for 18 games: 16 regular and two preseason.  I can’t see the NFL not finding a way to make more than just the 18 games they already make from us.  Mark my words.

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  1. Morrissey doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. To start with, Cutler’s career record has nothing to do with his overall upside, talent level, strong arm, intangibles, etc. Simply put, Denver’s D is not good, so that’s a big contributing factor right there anyway.

    In any case, the kid is only 25 years old and Morrissey seems to already be classifying Cutler as a piece of selfish garbage that washed up on the beach. Who knows what it would take to get him, but it’s stating the obvious that Angelo needs to find out and start putting some realistic scenarios together. If he’s doing his job right (not likely) he should have been starting to think about that weeks ago.

    Since we all know how Angelo operates though, the Cutler thing is a long, long shot at best. So that leaves Plan B, which should be getting someone else in camp to battle Orton, someone like Leftwich, who is still out there and could be had for a fair contract at this point. I’ve been mentioning his name for weeks (and Simms, who is long gone) as a viable and affordable option. But knowing the Bears, Plan B is probably Haynie and Basanez and crossing their fingers Orton stays healthy.

  2. Keep in mind Cutler got to take advantage of the great zone blocking scheme in Denver along with one of the best receivers in the league at his disposal, Brandon Marshall. Here in Chicago we have the equivalent of a “Short Bus” in terms of WR’s. From what I’ve heard on talk radio stations here in Tampa, Cutler may be a borderline alcoholic (not making this up – Trey Wingo from ESPN said he’s heard stories of a similar fashion but would not confirm or deny anything) and everyone is coming out of the woodwork saying they wouldn’t touch Cutler due to the way he’s handling this situation. I think Cutler is great but I don’t want him on the Bears. Orton showed signs of being very good before his foot injury last year, I’m looking forward to see how he performs this year.

    As for backups, yes Leftwich would work for me, but who knows if they’ll draft someone in round 3+ at QB…time will tell.

  3. You’re right that everyone in the media is now coming out of the woodwork to pile on Cutler, which follows the stage where they were falling all over themselves with praise about what a steal it would be to get him and he’s a can’t miss talent. I don’t know anything about the stuff you say Wingo mentioned, but I do know I’ve heard about some issues with diabetes. Still, I just saw something that he forfeited $100K in bonus cash for failing to show up for the required % of offseason workouts. So it’s looking more and more like the reality is he’s pushing his way out of Denver, and if that happens, someone is going to find a way to land him and take the risk. And all of these rumors, and the perception of Cutler’s attitude, are going to lower his trade value. But I still think a lot of that whole mess is due to McDaniels’ arrogance in terms of the way he’s handled things in the month+ he’s been in Denver. Anything reported in the Denver media lately mostly confirms that fact, and he’s trying to carry himself like Belicheck II.

    That said, anyone who’s followed the Bears’/Angelo’s history in these types of situations knows the probability of them pulling the trigger are about as remote as it gets. Leftwich is a logical choice, and as I mentioned, so was Simms before he signed with Denver. Going into the season handing the job to Orton with no competition would make absolutely makes no sense, especially with 2 backups that have no experience whatsoever. But knowing the Bears, that’s probably what they’ll do.

  4. why wouldn’t you want cutler? beacause of this incident with the broncos? lol. ok, so you have gotten along with every boss you have had. name me one other time that cutler has ever done anything T.O. like? he doesn’t like his job so he is trying to move on. when you had your boss you didn’t like you proably bit your tongue and sucked it up and wined about it or you quit and moved on. if this was the third time that he did something disruptive you have all the right in the world to judge the guy. in this case , i don’t think you do. with that said , bring on cutler, but like grabber says with the WRs. why would he want to come here?

  5. Jerry Angelo has did things his way since arriving in Chicago! Draft and develop, that’s been the theme! I’m fine with that as a Bears fan…to a point! Can this guy please take a leap one time on a great young player. Bears fans are not going to want Jerry fired if he gets the Cutler deal done and Cutler flops. Bears fans will want him fired if we miss Cutler and he continues to All-Pro status! Jerry… We don’t have a quarterback of the future. GET THE CUTLER DEAL DONE!

  6. @Terrill: No I haven’t gotten along with every boss, but I didn’t sign multi-year contracts either so if I had a problem I could always leave. He’s the one that signed the contract. You’re right, he still needs people to throw the ball to…although I liked his use of his TE in Denver, the Bears have TE’s up the yin-yang.

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