It’s Orton-Whoopee

Surprisingly to me, Lovie Smith actually named Kyle Orton the starting quarterback for at least one of the final three 2007 Chicago Bears games. This is absolutely the correct decision, which is absolutely why I expected to hear “Brian Griese is our starting quarterback, we’re not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, we’re playing to win 8 games and clinch the wildcard…..blah blah blah.”

There is now no question as to how far this season has sunk (as if that was a question since about week five). The fact that all we have to be excited about is Kyle Orton being thrown to the wolves against a resurgent Viking team on Monday Night Football is pathetic. And joy, we’ll get to hear the announcing crew blather on for three hours about how badly the Bears suck. Great.

I also have to go back and link to one new, and one old article from yesterday. In yesterday’s Sun-Times, Neil Hayes presented an article in which anonymous NFL scouts broke down the Bears’ problems. This because he wanted “real answers and not Lovie Smith’s vague explanations.” Sums that up well.

And again, I loved Rick Morrissey’s article yesterday titled “Bears best unseen, unheard.” Great article, summing up how frustrating this season has been for me and millions of other fans.

“No matter what the record might have indicated as Smith blathered on about a bright future, the playoffs were never realistic. You don’t play like the Bears have played this year and then turn it on when you want. It’s a smugness that might be acceptable in a good team. In a bad team such as the Bears, it looks plain silly,” Morrissey wrote.

And the worst part about it? Get used to this for at least several years.

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