It’s ONE Preseason Game

You’d think the Bears had just finished a 4-12 2009 season reading today’s headlines:

Rick Morrissey says “the glass is half empty on Cutler.”

Mike Mulligan’s headline reads “Unfulfilled Expectations”.

I know the writers don’t write the headlines, but still.

It was one preseason game.  Yes, the offense looked rusty and particularly Nathan Vasher on defense looked downright scary.  Vasher’s play scared me more than that of the offense, truthfully.

But come on, this was the first preseason game, a game in which the starters knew they’d only get 20 snaps or so.  Knowing they’d never have time to get into a rhythm, running a totally vanilla offense.

I’m not worried.  Maybe worried for the sanity of these writers, but not worried for the 2009 Bears at this point.  Yes, the expectations put on this team are lofty and frankly if Cutler has a less-than-stellar 2009, I’m not jumping off the ship.  Especially not after one preseason game.

4 Responses to “It’s ONE Preseason Game”

  1. In other Pre-Season action, Kyle Orton threw 3 interceptions and Rex Grossman fumbled the snap.

    As a third string quarterback making league minimums, Rex better learn how to master the exchange.

    Out of the QBs we had last year, I am glad the Bears kept Caleb Haine.

  2. Roy, it’s refreshing to come to a place where people with intelligence can talk about Bears football. The Chicago media usually insults my intelligence.

  3. It was good to see Bears football. The Bears were without Forte and Olsen, who will (hopefully) be Cutler’s favorite targets this year. I’m glad both of them sat too, no reason to play the 1st preseason game if there’s any hint of an injury. Hanie impressed again, glad to see that. Wonder if Basanez will get better? Agreed on Vasher…eeghh.

  4. Thanks JDM-And you hit the nail on the head. They seize on and trumpet the low-brow stories that people that actually follow the team just don’t buy. But I guess that’s their job.

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