Is 1-2 Too Early to Panic?

Is it too early after three games to say that this is “one of those seasons?” And not just “one of those seasons,” but the mother of all of those?

It’s not available online for some reason, but in the print version of today’s Chicago Tribune, Vaughn McClure is already reporting that Tommie Harris faces a layoff of one to five weeks with an MCL sprain. Add that to the other significant injuries to Nathan Vasher, Lance Briggs, Adam Archuleta, Fred Miller and Ruben Brown, and I’m already sensing doom.

Sure, you could compare massive injuries in 1996 and 2002 that turned promising campaigns into disasters, but those would pale in comparison to this year, in which our Bears seemed to be locks for the NFC Championship game at least.

And throw in our situation at quarterback, and I further smell doom for the 2007 season.

As I’ve continually stated, I do not put this 1-2 start on Rex Grossman, but he’s not helping. I still maintain, and will continue to maintain that Grossman should keep his job at Detroit even if it’s announced tomorrow that he won’t. As Mike Mulligan points out today, no matter what, the situation is a mess.

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  1. Lovie has a great chance to earn his money this year. I am still pro-Rex, but I think we can agree that he may very well have lost all of his confidence. That is a decision that only Lovie and the coaches can make based on their interaction with Rex and the other players. Even if there is a change to Griese, the Bears are going to have to block better, run the ball better, run better patterns, and catch better. I do think the Bears have great depth at most positions and are still better than the Lions and Minnesota. But the game that is sandwiched between them on the road in Green Bay will require some guys to get healthy. We’ll know a lot more about the Bears and how the season looks after these three critical division games. I am ever an optimist when it comes to the Bears and consider myself a real fan – that said, I recognize that “fan” is short for “fanatic.” By definition that makes me irrational at times with my excessive enthusiasm and uncritical devotion.

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