Interesting takes on Chris Harris Trade

I’m sorry to see Chris Harris go.? If nothing else he was a valuable backup at safety (see 10 games of the 2006 season).? Chris Harris was traded to Carolina Thursday for an undisclosed pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, reported to be a fifth-rounder.

While the Bears official site lauds the player and states that Chicago is just getting value for a guy they “know can play in the NFL,” serves up an interesting take on the story:

In response to the news that the Bears have traded third-year safety Chris Harris to the Panthers, some league insiders are wondering why Chicago would part with a guy who has been a key as an injury replacement over the past two seasons.

Said one source:? “Something doesn’t seem right about that trade.? It’s real unusual to trade a player this early in camp, especially someone who has started twenty of twenty-five games since he’s been in the league.? What will the Bears do if one of their safeties gets hurt now?? I think, in theory, it’s a hell of a move for the Panthers to get essentially a starter for a fifth-round pick heading into the season.? Why would the bears trade him unless there was an auxiliary issue?? From a personnel standpoint, it’s odd.? Either the Bears know something we don’t, or they are taking a big risk.”

We agree.? Though the Panthers’ management doesn’t need to be worrying about using second-day picks in 2008 since a lot them might not be there if the team doesn’t turn it on in 2007, it’s hard not to wonder why the Bears would move him now, unless there was interest expressed by the Panthers during the offseason and the Bears wanted to see whether the guy who’ll take Harris’s spot on the depth chart gets off to a good start in camp.

David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune today alludes to the intrigue of the Chris Harris trade, but calls it a good deal for the Bears.


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