If we only had a line…(whistle)

The Associated Press is reporting that Peyton Manning “may” be back from knee surgery to start the season opener against the Bears. Emphasis on “may.”

“My goal is to be back for the first [regular season] game,” Manning said. Head Coach Tony Dungy didn’t sound any more specific when he said “I don’t think we can guarantee he will play against the Bears.”

So wow, Bears fans. Without Manning, and potentially without some of their other defensive starters, the Colts could be beatable on opening day, right? And a win on opening day could provide a sorely needed confidence boost for the Bear offense, potentially launching an improbable run of victories to start the year, right?

I would think that. I really would think that way….if there were any hope for an offense on this squad. If both Bears tackles weren’t getting blown by in Seattle, if the team had any idea who was starting at left guard other than a second-year player that is 6’1″ in Josh Beekman.

There’s always hope. But I don’t know how much hope will be left in my tank on September 7th, after what I’ve been watching in the preseason.

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  1. You know, the Bears will probably be bad last year, but let’s not forget this. Last preason, in particular the third game, they looked really good. We all know the results…

  2. No line again. Maybe we need Usain Bolt on the team so we can play hot potato ball.

    Just as long as I don’t have to witness any Rex lame duck sideline throws that end up being taking back the other way for a touchdown.

  3. Most of the time that happened it was because Bernard Berrian was supposed to stop and turn around. Plus, the line did pretty well on Thursday. I know it was against San Fransisco, but it’s a start.

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