I hate the Dallas Cowboys

I hate the Cowboys. I’ve hated the Cowboys since 1979, for reasons I’ll spend some time explaining on Friday, a day I don’t have to leave for work at 4:30 a.m.

I relished stunning-in-fashion Bear victories over the Cowboys in 1985 and 1996, and was stung by the 1991 playoff loss in Soldier Field. That one hurt, because it was clearly the end of an era, but being that the loss came against the Cowboys hurt even worse.

The 2004 loss on Thanksgiving? Meaningless to me, as both teams sucked.

This one is big to me. But still, bigger to the Bears, of course.

David Haugh talks about the potential return of Greg Olsen.

Vaughn McClure’s Bears bits.

3 Responses to “I hate the Dallas Cowboys”

  1. The 44-0 game during the ’85 year was awesome. The Cowgirls were never going to score against the Bears D that day – even if they played all day long. I expect the Bears offense and Rex to break out this week. I think they have been far to conservative in their play calling and need to take some shots down the field. The Cowboys secondary has been weak in its first two games which should help – especially if the Bears offensive line play can improve. Here is the bottom line for me, if the D can contain Romo, TO, and Marion Barber and keep them under 21 points, I think we’ll win.

  2. Nice Ron! I’m not sure if you’ve heard yet? Terrence Newman (One of the best CB’s in the league) is playing Sunday. I’m sure your excitment for Sunday could be a bit shaken at this point. Make no mistake if Hester doesn’t have an outstanding day Dallas will win.
    Dallas 21 Bears 17. Gonna be a good one regardless….

  3. Im a cowboys fan. This game is going to be one great game. Good luck and heres to no injuries (toast).

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