Hester Gets His Deal

Interesting first five days it was for us and Devin Hester.

First he’s mad, boycotts camp for two days, says he won’t report without a new deal.

Then after two days, he reports without a new deal, after allegedly being fined $30,000. (Incidentally, no one is mentioning if the $30K in fines stuck. If anyone can find out if they stuck or not, please let us know. We’re intrigued.)

Hester then reports but doesn’t practice for two days due to an alleged pulled hamstring. Then on Sunday, the team announced that they and Hester had come to terms on a new four-year extension worth up to $40 million.

So as we thought, the deal got done quickly, and was indeed a compromise between what the Bears wanted to do and what Hester’s camp wanted. So thankfully calmer heads prevailed here.

I think major compliments are due to Jerry Angelo. As much heat as he takes for some of the bad decisions that every GM is bound to make, the guy has gotten new deals done for every veteran that needed one during the 2008 offseason. Bravo, Jerry.

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