Hayes: Martz’ Offense “Bumbling”

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz was almost literally run out of the last three cities he coached in.  Sometimes it takes seeing it in your own back yard to understand–there seems to always be the feeling that “sure, it happened there but it won’t happen here.”  Just like I’m beginning to see for myself some of the things Bronco fans didn’t like about Jay Cutler.  More on that later.

Today, Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times calls Martz’ offense “bumbling.”  For a guy sometimes hailed as a genius, heck, hailed as a genius in my mind as recently as the Dallas game, that seems harsh.  But unfortunately I can’t argue with it.  The season is on the line this week, as it will be every week the rest of the season.

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  1. The problem is is that without protection, you have nothing. The offense looked decent early, and since then has looked awful. Our line is terrible and I’m tired of hearing about who’s moving here, who’s going back there, who’s sitting on the can, etc. The line is just bad, and Tice is trying to sell everyone there is improvement being made but I don’t see anything. The guy has been given a jumbled mix of crappy parts and can’t be expected to perform miracles, but that’s what the Bears expected him to do. Everyone else we play from here on out has had plenty of time to review the tape from the train wreck games to understand how to shut things down. There were some in-game adjustments in the Dallas game Martz did that worked, but those are easy for other teams to now see. We heard a lot before the season started about what great teacher Martz is and what a great influence he will be on Cutler. But a simple look at Cutler’s poor mechanics, ongoing bad tendencies, and general nervousness in the pocket so far tell me that either Martz is not trying to correct him, or Cutler is not listening.

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