I know, a little bizarre that I’m so vested in this subject.  For some reason in the 2005 home opener against Detroit, for the first time in their history, the Bears decided to wear their white road uniforms at home.  They repeated this practice in 2006, again against the Lions.  The 2007 home opener against Kansas City was the last time they did.

Unfortunately we just got the word that again the Bears will again open in white in 2010 this Sunday.  Since they hadn’t done it since 2007 I hope they had broken themselves of this bad habit, but apparently they have not.

I get it-the team probably wants to give their players a choice of what uniforms they wear, and they figure if it’s a hot day the white jerseys may be cooler.  But for the first 86 or so years of their history, the Bears had a strong tradition of wearing navy blue at home and not wavering.  The Dallas Cowboys always wear white at home-let them have that tradition.  The Eagles, Redskins, Cardinals, Buccaneers seem to waver back and forth, great for them.

But you’d never see the Packers or Vikings in white at home in a million years, and I absolutely hate that I have to commend those two teams for sticking with tradition.

Also mentioned in this article is that the Bears will wear their 1940′s throwback uniform against the Packers and Vikings this season.  Looking forward to seeing that.

3 Responses to “HATE THE WHITES AT HOME”

  1. So let me understand this, they need to wear white jerseys to gain the advantage on the hapless Lions on a day with a high tempature predicted to be 78 degrees (only a few degrees warmer than a climate controled dome) in a stadium that regularly has a cool breeze off the lake? The blue jerseys are their home jersey and they should wear it at home ALWAYS! If they had any balls they would wear all blue for this game.

  2. Well..they are 3-0 in those White at home jersey’s having beaten the Lions twice and KC.

  3. I’m pretty confident the uniform color isn’t going to have any impact on the outcome of the game Scott…but of course I hope that tradition continues.

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