Harbaugh: Bears’ Draft Screwup Intentional

Hard to believe that (fingers crossed) the lockout seems to be nearing an end, and we should actually start blogging on Bears’ news again.

During the first round of April’s draft, the Bears agreed on a trade with the Ravens to move up two spots, a move that would have sent Chicago’s fourth-round draft pick to Baltimore.  Bears’ GM Jerry Angelo stated that it was a procedural error that resulted in the deal not being consummated.  Ravens coach John Harbaugh says it was intentional, and Angelo “knew what he was doing,” as reported by Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times.

It’s water under the bridge officially, and the Ravens can continue to claim deceit all they want to no avail.  But after Jerry Angelo’s previous gaffes, I can’t say that there isn’t a part of me that wonders.

4 Responses to “Harbaugh: Bears’ Draft Screwup Intentional”

  1. So why don’t they settle it with a Bears – Ravens Superbowl next February? It’s not all that farfetched, as long as both offenses continue to develop and both teams catch some breaks.

  2. I’m good with Andy’s suggestion.

  3. Me too!

  4. im a overseas bears fan…hope 2 see them in the post-season as well.

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