Happy Birthday Coach

Someone-there is no byline on the web version-at the Chicago Sun Times talked to Mike Ditka as his 72nd birthday drew near.  Sounds like the man is slowing down, as I’m sure we all will by that age.  But he still brings me fond memories.

He certainly wasn’t slowing down on a summer evening in 2001 when I attended the Roast for Da Coach, when he and his roasters got wasted and Ditka ended up on his backside.  But we’re all bound to slow down at some point.

The article seems to focus on his criticism of Jay Cutler.  Hey-much of it is warranted, and sour-face needs to realize that his demeanor is always going to bring out his critics.  And if he doesn’t work on correcting his poor mechanics he may never realize his potential.  But as I continue to say, like it or not, we’re going to see what Cutler is going to do, because he’s our quarterback.  Much more than Rex was ever, ever our quarterback, because luckily we never signed Rex to a monster contract.

And again, just because I’m a little tired of Cutler’s “to hell with everyone” act, I still don’t think he faked an injury in the NFC Championship.  I do think he had one of his worst games on the second-biggest stage possible.  But he didn’t refuse to play.

Note-Thanks for pointing out on Facebook Mike that Coach’s birthday is in October.  So my wishes are seven months early…

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